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In 2011 BMH Africa Consulting Engineers was formed as a Provincial office under the BMH Africa group, in the North West Province and obtained CESA registration in 2013. BMH Africa Consulting Engineers has grown and now also includes offices in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and just established another branch in the Northern Cape recently.

We provide engineering design and project management services for infrastructure projects. The core skills retained in BMH Africa focuses on the management and design of infrastructure projects. BMH Africa provides the core skills for its projects and combines forces to provide a holistic solution to multidisciplinary projects.

Our engineers and project managers specialise in projects such as mass housing and infrastructure provision such as water networks, sewer networks, integrated stormwater management and transportation, structural and road designs, mining infrastructure, geotechnical investigations and related designs.


BMH Africa Consulting Engineers provides engineering design and project management services for infrastructure projects in the Municipal and Private infrastructure sectors. BMH Africa Consulting Engineers employs core skills aimed at ensuring project delivery in the form of project management and engineering designs.

? The Programme and Project management division ensures that a project is planned and executed in constant collaboration with the client. BMH Africa Consulting Engineers takes ownership of a project and make sure that the most effective solution is implemented technically and financially. Quality assurance parameters are not negotiable and managed through a thorough QA process custom designed for a specific project.

The design division provides design services for Specific Projects or as a combination during Urban Development, as follows:


1. Water Networks

2. Water Storage Facilities

3. Water Treatment Plants

4. Bulk Water Pipelines

5. Pump Stations and Pump Lines

6. Development of Water Supply Strategies

7. Water Master Planning

? Sewerage

1. Sewerage Networks

2. Waste Water Treatment Plants

3. Bulk Sewerage Pipelines

4. Pump Stations and Pump Lines

5. Sewer Master Planning

? Roads

1. Rural & Urban Roads

2. Arterial Roads

3. Roads Master Planning

4. Airstrips



1. Floodline Calculation

2. Stormwater Design

3. Stormwater Master Planning


Structural Designs

Mining Infrastructure

Geotechnical investigations and related designs